In addition to having access to the best Chinese herbal patents reserved for licensed acupuncturists, we also make liniments in-house for topical use, some of which require 6 months or more of preparation. 


Shennong, the Divine Farmer

Shennong, the Divine Farmer

The earliest text on Chinese herbology, the Divine Farmer's Materia Medica, supposedly dates to around 2800 BCE (though some place it closer to the still ancient 300 BCE mark). As time passed these herbs were further tried and tested by other herbalists and others were added.

Over the centuries this compilation of traditional remedies was expanded to the hundreds that are currently available for modern practitioners.

The term that is translated as "herbs" in Chinese actually includes a wide range of medicinal items, including animal products and minerals (Note: at Blueway Wellness we do not use any products made from endangered species).

Herbs are categorized based on their effect, some considered "warming", some "cooling" etc. Once your acupuncturist has diagnosed your ailment based on Chinese Medicine, the appropriate herbs to treat your condition will be selected. For an online herbal consultation, click here.


Herbal Formulas-

Unlike Western Herbal Medicine, Chinese herbs as seldom used individually. Instead, they are used in specific combinations that enhance medicinal actions while reducing side-effects.

Formulas may be "Patent" formulas (traditional, unmodified formulas made into a pill form) or individually prepared in raw form or as a powder. The latter allows for more individualization, though many Patents are based on the same formulas that your acupuncturist will choose and modify for the individualized form.